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Department of Communication and Media Research Science Communication

SRF: Science journalism in Switzerland

A recent debate at the SRF summarized the situation of science journalists in Switzerland - and finds science journalism to be popular, but endangered. The media debate draws on two studies, a survey of science journalists and a content analysis of overlap between PR and journalistic content.

  • Link to SRF discussion (in German)
  • Link to content analysis study: Vogler, Daniel & Mike S. Schäfer (2020): Growing Influence of University PR on Science News Coverage? A Longitudinal Automated Content Analysis of University Media Releases and Newspaper Coverage in Switzerland, 2003-2017. International Journal of Communication. 14: 3143-3164. Link
  • Link to survey study: Kristiansen, Silje, Mike S. Schäfer & Sabine Lorencez (2016): Science Journalists in Switzerland: Results from a Survey on Professional Goals, Working Conditions, and Current Changes. in Studies in Communication Sciences 16/2. Link