The following are selected book publications by our team.

Oxford Encyclopedia

Forschungsfeld Hochschulkommunikation

[Research field university communication]

Edited by Birthe Fähnrich, Julia Metag, Senja Post & Mike S. Schäfer (2019, Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien) Link

Universities increasingly need to justify their actions to the public. Accordingly, their communication has extended and professionalized. This edited book identfies approaches and future research perspectives concerning university communication.

Oxford Encyclopedia

Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication

Edited by Matthew Nisbet, Shirley Ho, Ezra Markowitz, Saffron O'Neill, Mike S. Schäfer & Jagadish Thaker (3 Vol., 2018, New York, Oxford University Press) Link

On more than 2000 pages, the encyclopedia presents the state of the art of research on climate change communication. It covers media and online presentations of climate change, effects on public opinion and policy, country reports and articles on methods of climate change communication.

Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation

Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation

[The Field of Science Communication]

Edited by Heinz Bonfadelli, Birte Fähnrich, Corinna Lüthje, Jutta Milde, Markus Rhomberg & Mike S. Schäfer (2016, Wiesbaden, Springer VS) Link

Using a broad understanding of science communication, the handbook identifies central issues, theories and findings regarding scholarly communication, science journalism, PR, online communication and their effects.

Dissertation Kessler

Das ist doch evident! 

[It's evident!]

Sabrina H. Kessler (2016, Baden-Baden, Nomos) Link

The way scientific evidence is depicted in science programs impacts recipients’ beliefs. This book identifies patterns of depicted evidence and measures their effects.

Wissenschaftskommunikation im Wandel

Wissenschaftskommunikation im Wandel

[Changes in Science Communication]

Edited by Mike S. Schäfer, Silje Kristiansen & Heinz Bonfadelli (2015, Köln, von Halem) Link

Science communication is changing considerably nowadays. This book analyzes these changes, focusing on scholarly communication within science, on strategic communication from scientists and scientific institutions, and on public debates about science.

Das Medien-Klima

Das Medien-Klima

[The Media Climate]

Edited by Irene Neverla & Mike S. Schäfer (2012, Wiesbaden, Springer VS) Link

Media constructions of climate change are important, as many people get their information about this issue from the media. The book summarizes the relevant literature and sheds light on avenues for future research.


Wissenschaft in den Medien

Wissenschaft in den Medien

[Science in the Media]

Mike S. Schäfer (2007, Wiesbaden, Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften) Link

Media coverage about science is often described as becoming more extensive, plural and controversial - i.e. "mediatized". The study tests these assumptions for international media coverage about biotechnology and particle physics.

Terrorismus im Fernsehen

Terrorismus im Fernsehen

[Terrorism on TV]

Jürgen Gerhards, Mike S. Schäfer, Ishtar Al‐Jabiri & Juliane Seifert (2011, Wiesbaden, VS) Link

International terrorism is a prominent topic in many countries' media. This study compares how Western and non-Western TV channels report terrorist attacks and the formats, frames and emotional devices they use.