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Students complete the two-semester Master's thesis module (30 ECTS) and the accompanying master's collo-quium (6 ECTS) by the end of their studies. To register for the Master's thesis and the master's colloquium, you must have successfully completed the modules in the Methods and Research Logic group.

The Master's thesis process begins with preliminary meetings held by the divisions towards the end of every semester, which will be announced on the website and via email. During these meetings, you will be informed about research topics of the divisions, potential topics for Master's theses, and supervisors.

Following the preliminary meetings, students will draft a concept for their Master's thesis and submit it via this online form. The deadline for submitting the concept to start in the autumn semester is June 30th.

Based on the topics, priorities, and capacities, the concepts will be distributed among all eligible supervisors. After the allocation process is completed, you will be contacted by your supervisor. The confirmation of su-pervision is a prerequisite for registering for the Master's thesis and the Master's colloquium.

The Master's thesis is accompanied by a colloquium organized by the respective division. This provides stu-dents with a platform to present and discuss their research project. Whether you book the master's collo-quium in the first or second semester of the Master's thesis depends on your project and the supervisor.

The deadlines for submitting the Master's thesis are June 1st or December 1st.

For more information about completing your master's degree and thesis, please visit the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences website. Please read the information carefully.

Our divisions and their research topics

Use current research projects, publications, and courses in the appropriate departments as a guide for topic selection:

Preliminary meetings by the departments

The master thesis process begins with the preliminary meeting. Preliminary meetings of the individual departments take place towards the end of the semester.

Here you can find the current preliminary meeting dates. (PDF, 135 KB)

Input and content of the Master's concept

The submission form can be found here. The deadline for submitting the concept for the start of the autumn semester is June 30th. After June 30th, no concepts will be considered. The following information should be prepared for submission:
Information Master's thesis candidate

  • Working Title
  • Research Question including its (scientific and societal) relevance (200 - max. 300 words)
  • State of Research including important studies/publications and research gaps addressed in the thesis (300 - max. 600 words)
  • Research Design, Methods, and Data Basis (300 - max. 600 words)
  • Bibliography (300 - max. 600 words)
  • Priority for Supervision (Division 1, 2, and 3)

Booking the Master Thesis and Master Colloquium

A supervision agreement is a prerequisite for booking the module Master's Thesis.  

You book the master thesis and the colloquium during the regular module booking deadlines in the online module booking. 

After the module booking deadline, you will receive an e-mail (to your UZH address) asking you to log in to our website to enter the provisional title of your master's thesis and the name of your supervisor.

Registration deadlines for Graduation for your Master's Degree

Track and review your study progress at any time in the «Study Progress & Graduation» app. If you have fulfilled your program requirements, you can register for graduation.

Relevant for registering for graduation is the semester reference:

  • For the Spring Semester from 16 March to 15 October.
  • For the Fall Semester from 16 October to 15 March.

The semester reference is important for the registration deadlines. For a graduation in the fall semester, the registration has to be done at the latest on March 15 of the following semester, for a graduation in spring semester at the latest on October 15 of the following semester.

You can find all the information on this process on the website of the Faculty of Arts and Social Scienes. Further information on the app can be found on th Student Services website.

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