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Department of Communication and Media Research

Speaker Series

Each semester, the department invites 3-4 researchers to share their current work at our Speaker Series.The presentations are primarily targeted at researchers in the department and students from our programs, but other interested individuals are also welcomed to attend.

Spring Semester 2024

29.04.2024 Pascal Jürgens, Trier University
The Rest is Noise: Communication Environments in the Age of Generative AI. Insights from Simulations
Flyer (PDF, 360 KB)
06.05.2024 Christin Scholz, University of Amsterdam
The Social Life of Persuasive Messages: Using Neuroscience to Understand and Predict How Messages Spread Through Populations
Flyer (PDF, 287 KB)
27.05.2024 Erik P. Bucy, Texas Tech University
Visual Framing and Visual Resonance: Image Meaning and Audience Understanding
Flyer (PDF, 551 KB)

Fall Semester 2023

25.09.2023 Claire Segijn, University of Minnesota
When realizing that Big Brother is watching you: Research on the intersection of personalized communication, surveillance & mobile eye tracking
Flyer (PDF, 869 KB)
06.11.2023 Toni G. L. A. van der Meer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fighting misinformation, a remedy worse than the disease?
Flyer (PDF, 164 KB)

Spring Semester 2023

27.02.2023 Taina Bucher, University of Oslo
Gestures of silence in networked media
Flyer (PDF, 488 KB)
13.03.2023 Kaiping Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
How GPT-3 responds to different publics on climate change and Black Lives Matter: A critical appraisal of equity in conversational AI
Flyer (PDF, 345 KB)
24.04.2023 David B. Nieborg, University of Toronto
Platforms and Cultural Production
Flyer (PDF, 727 KB)
15.05.2023 Nicholas Diakopoulos, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
Designing and Aligning AI for Journalism
Flyer (PDF, 745 KB)