Studying at IKMZ

Communication studies deals with the social conditions, consequences and meanings of media-transmitted communication in television, radio, print media and on the internet. How do political parties, companies, NGOs or individuals succeed in getting their message across to the public and promoting their issues? How do they practice communication management and which strategies generate real resonance? How does cross-media communication affect individuals, but also society as a whole?

The study programs of IKMZ provide the social scientific tools to answer these questions: concepts, theories and methods.

Bachelor, master, doctorate

In the bachelor degree program, you will be taught the theoretical fundamentals and the current state of the research in communication science. Along the way, you will acquire knowledge of the methods deployed in empirical social research (including statistics). Bachelor degree program

The master degree program at IKMZ enables you to independently plan and conduct research. It will deepen your theoretical knowledge of communication studies and familiarize you with the latest research results. In addition, you will gain an advanced awareness of the methods used in empirical social research (including statistics). Master degree program

You can also write a doctoral thesis at IKMZ. To do so, you firstly require an appropriate degree (master or equivalent) that is recognized by the University of Zurich. Doctorate

Reasons to study at IKMZ

  • The rich variety of topics stretches from analyzing corporate marketing strategies and describing the quality of journalistic reports to conducting experiments on the effect of user comments in social media.
  • You acquire methodological and theoretical skills for the description and analysis of mass mediated communication.
  • We promote research-based teaching and learning and integrate students into ongoing research projects.
  • IKMZ is an internationally networked organization and deals with issues in an international context.
  • IKMZ is a fantastic springboard for talent.