In the bachelor degree program, you can study media and communication science as your major or as a minor. You will learn about the theoretical fundamentals and the current status of the research in the subject. And you will be taught the methodologies of empirical social research.

The bachelor major and minor programs are divided up into an assessment phase lasting two semesters, followed by upper level courses for another four semesters. The introductory modules for the major and minor subjects begin in the fall semester. Students write their bachelor thesis during the sixth semester of their major, in parallel to a research seminar. The bachelor thesis constitutes a deepening of the research seminar work. Students are supervised in their work by the lecturers of the respective seminars.

If you are taking communication science as your major, the other study areas from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences make for a good combination, i.e. political studies, sociology, languages, film studies, etc. Combinations with disciplines from other faculties are also possible. Take care in choosing your major and minor subjects: Your studies will last at least three years. They should be enjoyable and - if already known - orientated toward your career plans.

The bachelor degree and career prospects

Within the framework of your studies, you will acquire theoretical, methodological and organizational skills. These will equip you for application-orientated and operative activities in:

  • applied media, communication, marketing and opinion research
  • evaluating communication services and media campaigns
  • organizational communication and PR
  • media management
  • training and further training in the communication and media sector