With a doctorate from IKMZ, you demonstrate your scientific expertise in the analysis of mediated (mass and self mass) communication. It clearly shows that you can carry out independent scientific work and generate insights into the media and information society.

Students who have a degree that is recognized by the University of Zurich (Master or equivalent) can complete a dissertation at IKMZ. It is possible to write the thesis in English. Passive German language skills are, however, highly recommended.

General information on the application process for the doctorate program can be found on the homepage of the University of Zurich.

A further overview of the information concerning the doctorate is found on the homepage of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

There are following possibilities/programs for a doctorate at IKMZ:

Individual doctoral level (12 ECTS points)

Structured “Media and Communication Science” doctoral program (30 ECTS points)

As from fall semester 2019, registrations will only be possible for "Individual doctoral level".

You must directly contact the professor at IKMZ under whose supervision you would like to write your dissertation.

Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger («Public Sphere & Society»)

Prof. Dr. Frank Esser («International & Comparative Media Research»)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friemel («Media Use & Effects»)

Prof. Dr. Eszter Hargittai («Internet Use & Society»)

Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren («Media & Politics»)

Prof. Dr. Michael Latzer («Media Change & Innovation»)

Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer («Science, Crisis & Risk Communication»)

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert («Media Economics & Management»)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Süss («Media Socialization & Media Literacy»)

Prof. Dr. Werner Wirth («Media Psychology & Effects»)

Prof. Dr. Natascha Just («Meda & Internet Governance»)