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Department of Communication and Media Research

Strategic Communication

Strategic Communications

The intent of strategic communication is to reach and convince their audiences. In the corresponding IKMZ focus, the internal and external communication of various stakeholders are placed at the forefront: from the setting of targets, to the implementation and effect. The following topics, among others, are given focus in the research surrounding strategic communication:

  • the communication goals of public relations, marketing as well as internal communication,
  • the communications management of different organizations such as companies, federal offices and NGOs during voting campaigns, image campaigns or election campaigns, for example,
  • the reception and effect of the communication strategies deployed, e.g. of different patterns of argumentation and styles such as emotions, humor and storytelling,
  • the effectiveness of testimonials upon the public’s attitudes and behavior,
  • the reciprocal effects of persuasive communication with social and psychological characteristics of the public.

«Strategic Communication» is focused on by the IKMZ divisions Strategic Communication & Media Management, Media Use & Effects and Media Psychology & Effects.