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Science Barometer Switzerland 2022: New results published

On 14.12.2022, the results of the Science Barometer Switzerland 2022 were published. They indicate that a large share of the Swiss have high trust and strong interest in science. Comparisons with previous Science Barometer surveys show that levels of public trust in science had increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and now returned to a pre-pandemic level. However, parts of the Swiss population also have critical views on science.

For the first time, the 2022 survey investigated how the Swiss use alternative sources of science-related information and how they respond to disinformation about scientific topics. A brochure and detailed results in German and French can be obtained on the project website:

The Science Barometer Switzerland (“Wissenschaftsbarometer Schweiz”), which involves Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer as a Co-PI and Dr. Niels G. Mede, is a nationally representative population survey conducted every three years in all three Swiss linguistic regions. It investigates how the Swiss perceive science and its relationship with politics and society, how they inform themselves about scientific topics, and how they communicate about science in digital media.