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European Journal of Health Communication: Swiss population’s information awareness, behavior, and deficits during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic began, large amounts of (mis)information have been disseminated worldwide. In a new study, IKMZ scholar Sabrina H. Kessler conducted an online survey in Switzerland (N = 1,129) in April 2021 to ask respondents which information has received too little attention in public discourse, which measures help containing coronavirus infection and Covid-19, and about subjectively perceived Covid-19 misinformation. Results showed that vaccination and its potential side effects, aspects related to political measures, psychological and social aspects, as well as science and research topics deserved more attention in the eyes of the respondents, mostly from politics or media.

Kessler, S. H., Cano Pardo, M. S., Jobin, A., & Georgi, F. (2022). How Informed are the Swiss about Covid-19 and Prevention Measures? Results of a Survey on Information Awareness, Behaviour, and Deficits. European Journal of Health Communication, 3(3), 118-142. DOI: 10.47368/ejhc.2022.306