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PuS: The "replication" Crisis in the public eye

Several meta-analytical attempts to reproduce results of empirical research have failed in recent years, prompting scholars and news media to diagnose a “replication crisis” and voice concerns about science losing public credibility. IKMZ scholars Niels Mede, Mike Schäfers and colleagues conducted a secondary analysis of the German “Science Barometer” (“Wissenschaftsbarometer”) survey. They find that most Germans are not aware of the “replication crisis.” In addition, most interpret replication efforts as indicative of scientific quality control and science’s self-correcting nature. 

Mede, N.G., Schäfer, M.S., Ziegler, R., Weißkopf, M. (2020). The "replication crisis" in the public eye: Germans' awareness and perceptions of the (ir)reproducibility of scientific research. Public Understanding of Science. Online first. doi: