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New publication: We are a bit blind about it

Climate change-related perceptions and communication are important factors influencing people’s support for climate change policies and individual behavior. A new paper by IKMZ scholars and colleagues at the University of Hamburg investigates perceptions across South African communities using a deductive-inductive qualitative approach. Results show that higher educated communities had more differentiated and diverse conceptions of causes and consequences of climate change and potential countermeasures. Across communities, most interviewees stressed that they considered climate change as an important problem, although other social problems seemed more pressing. 

Mahl, Daniela, Lars Günther, Mike S. Schäfer, Colia Meyer & Dario Siegen (2020): "We are a bit blind about it": A Qualitative Analysis of Climate-Change Related Perceptions and Communication Across South African Communities. Environmental Communication. Online First. Link