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Department of Communication and Media Research Science Communication

New Project: What can we learn from COVID-19 fake news about the spread of scientific misinformation in general?

Sabrina Heike Kessler, as main applicant of an interdisciplinary team consisting of members of the Swiss Young Academy, has been granted a project on COVID-19 fake news. It is funded in 2021 by the Swiss Young Academy. Objectives are the investigation of (1) fake news the Swiss population still believes in, where they obtained it from, and how it can be typified; (2) what we can learn from including different stakeholders in the analysis and interpretation of survey data; and (3) what can we learn about the spread of scientific misinformation in general. For the analysis, the project will rely on traditional quantitative and qualitative survey analysis, as well as on citizen science in the form of co-creation workshops. 

Link to press release on approval of funding