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Handbook “Standardized Content Analysis in Communication Research”

In their recently published handbook "Standardized Content Analysis in Communication Research" Franziska Oehmer-Pedrazzi, Sabrina Heike Kessler, Edda Humprecht, Katharina Sommer, and Laia Castro systematize the status quo of standardized content analysis research in communication science. In the associated database "Database of Variables for Content Analysis - DOCA", variable descriptions are compiled and made searchable.

Oehmer, F., Kessler, S. H., Humprecht, E., Sommer, K., & Castro Herrero, L. (2022). Standardisierte Inhaltsanalyse in der Kommunikationswissenschaft – Standardized Content Analysis in Communication Research. Wiesbaden: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-36179-2