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Department of Communication and Media Research Science Communication

Environmental Communication: News Media Coverage of Climate Change in India 1997–2016

News media play an important role for public awareness and perception of climate change – and thus citizens’ behavior. Applying LDA topic modeling on 18,224 climate change articles published between 1997 and 2016 in two Indian newspapers, we find that climate change coverage in India has increased substantially in the last 20 years. We categorized the coverage into 28 different topics related to four overarching themes: “Climate Change Impacts”, “Climate Science”, “Climate Politics”, and “Climate Change and Society”. Climate change has gained more media attention since 2007 in general with a particular increase in focus on the theme “Climate Change Impacts”. Implications about shifting media discourses and its potential to educate people and change policies are discussed.

Keller, T., Hase, V., Jagadish, T., Mahl, D., & Schäfer, M.S. (2019). News media coverage of climate change in India 1997-2016: Using automated content analysis to assess themes and topics. Environmental Communication. doi:10.1080/17524032.2019.1643383 (Link)