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Book chapter on digital self-tracking

In a recently published book chapter, IKMZ scholars Sabrina H. Kessler and Doreen Reifegerste use the historical antecedents of digital self-measurement to show the opportunities (e.g., for health education) and risks (e.g., political instrumentalization) it has been associated with in various political contexts. The historical reflection is then used for the normative discussion of current developments in digital self-measurement in order to consider what opportunities and risks digital self-tracking may have for the individual and society.

Reifegerste, D. & Kessler, S. H. (2022). Digitales Self-Tracking aus historischer Perspektive. In C. Schwarzenegger, E. Koenen, C. Pentzold, T. Birkner & C. Katzenbach (Hrsg.), Digitale Kommunikation und Kommunikationsgeschichte: Perspektiven, Potentiale, Problemfelder (S. 249–273). Berlin: Digital Communication Research. (Link)