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Dissertation award for Sophia Volk

Dr. Sophia C. Volk received the Dissertation Award of the International and Intercultural Communication Division of the DGPuK on October 27, 2022. The award was presented during the annual congress and was sponsored by the Ludwig Delp Foundation. The committee, consisting of the division spokespersons and members of the division, judged Sophia Volk's work to be an outstanding dissertation in the field of international communication. 

The dissertation, entitled "Comparative Communication Research: A Study of the Conceptual, Methodological, and Social Challenges of International Collaborative Studies in Communication Science," was published by Springer VS in 2021. Sophia Volk addresses the question of what methodological and social challenges arise in international research teams in comparative communication research and what solution strategies exist. The dissertation substantiates a theoretical and empirical research gap and shows what consequences the increase in internationally collaborative, comparative research has for the discipline and for knowledge production.

Sophia Volk's book has been reviewed in Publizistik (in German) and Global Media Journal (in English). In her book review in Publizistik, Christine Horz-Ishak concludes: "The author has indeed achieved great things for the communication discipline and comparative research in particular, because it is to be expected that her study can contribute to the systematization and establishment of international comparative communication research - in theoretical, empirical, and practical terms. The suggestions for improvement of research practice can make an important contribution to the cosmopolitanization of comparative communication studies. The book is a must-read for anyone doing research in the field, especially those taking on leadership roles for the first time."

Sophia Volk’s book is available via Springer as well as in bookstores (ISBN 978-3-658-36227-0). The dissertation was conducted at Leipzig University and funded by the German National Academic Foundation.