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Journalism Studies: 2 Publications

As part of a special issue, Silke Fürst and Sabrina Kessler have each published a new article in Journalism Studies.

Article 1:

News value research assumes that news factors may shift and diversify over time. Despite the technological and economic transformations of the media over the past decades, however, there has been little conceptual work on how journalistic news factors might be changing. This paper addresses how broader developments, such as digitization, datafication, and audience fragmentation, lead to changing news practices.

Silke Fürst & Franziska Oehmer (2021) Attention for Attention Hotspots: Exploring the Newsworthiness of Public Response in the Metric Society, Journalism Studies, 22:6, 799-819, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2021.1889396

Article 2:

Do journalistic relevance criteria still matter in digital news environments where news is selected and aggregated by algorithms? This article investigates how news factors (e.g., conflict, power elite) influence users’ news attention and selective exposure on the news aggregator website Google News. Results indicate that news factors do not have direct effects on news attention and selective exposure, but rather indirect effects mediated via media cues of news items. 

Ines Engelmann, Simon M. Luebke & Sabrina H. Kessler (2021) Effects of News Factors on Users’ News Attention and Selective Exposure on a News Aggregator Website, Journalism Studies, 22:6, 780-798, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2021.1889395