Study Internet & Society as a Mono-Masterprogram

Sample curriculum and possible course of study

The specialized mono-master’s program Internet & Society provides students with in-depth theoretical knowledge and up-to-date findings about the architecture and affordances as well as the economic, social, cultural, and political aspects of information and communication technologies. These skills enable students to plan, run and evaluate empirical projects on the preconditions and implications of Internet use, and on the opportunities and challenges of a constantly changing media ecosystem. The program focuses on research, particularly on questions such as:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges connected to current developments within the media, internet governance, and internet economics?
  • How do various stakeholders/parties implement online communication strategies?
  • How are online debates about issues of societal importance structured, and how can they be researched?
  • How do people use digital media and with what individual-level and societal implications?