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Department of Communication and Media Research Science Communication

Daria Dvorzhitskaia

Daria Dvorzhitskaia, MRes

  • Assistentin / Research and Teaching Assistant
+41 44 635 20 54
Room number
AND 3.19

since 12/2022

Individual doctorate (PhD) in Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich, Switzerland

since 03/2019

Researcher, CERN, Switzerland

2018 – 2022

Researcher and academic advisor, ITMO University, Russia

2019 – 2021

MRes in Master of Research, Queen Margaret University, UK
2014 – 2018 BSc in Science Communication and Bionics, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Current research interests

  • Communication of large international research infrastructures
  • Evaluation of public engagement with science and technology
  • In-person interaction between scientists and the public

Presentations and talks

Dvorzhitskaia, D., Elwin, L., Godinho, A., Saade-Augier, L., Zamora, A. (2021). CERN Open Days: Going beyond head-counting. Public Communication of Science and Technology conference. Online.

Balazs, B., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Gresle, A., Moriarty, L., Pacini, G. (2021). Evaluation research and the power of internal reflective practice. The European Science Engagement (Ecsite) conference. Online.

Dobrivoje, L., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Johnston, T., Verstraeten, S. (2021). Achieving gender equality through exhibitions and outreach in STEM. The European Science Engagement (Ecsite) conference. Online.

Dvorzhitskaia, D. (2020). Science communication research: why bother? Science Communication Hackathon lectures. Online.

Dvorzhitskaia, D., Kozhanov, A., Rudenko, N., Starzev, S. (2019). Audience research for science communication: what do we know about public attitudes to science? III Science Communication Forum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Davydova, A., Dubovik, E., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Gureva, A., Malkov, D., Shulyak, J. (2019). Higher education in science communication and journalism: what changed in the five years specialised programmes exist? III Science Communication Forum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Borisova, A., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Fähnrich, B., Malkov, D., Struck, A. (2019). Changes in societal mission of modern scientific organisations. 16th German Week. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Alexopoulos, A., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Gerber, A., Petrilli, A., Struck, A. (2018).  A form of sanity check’ – How people at CERN view science communication. Public Communication of Science and Technology conference. Dunedin, New Zealand. Link:

Submitted but not yet published work

Dvorzhitskaia, D., Verheyden, P., Woithe, J., Zamora, A. (2023). CERN Science Gateway: Example of informal contemporary physics education in an authentic research environment. In: Cultural physics awareness and education: the challenge of digitalisation (eds. Bonivento, W., Michelini, M., Streit-Bianchi, M., Tuveri, M.). Springer.

Baram-Tsabari, A., Dabran, S., Dvorzhitskaia, D., Grinberg, N., Shapira, R. (2022). “Is COVID-19 a Hoax?”: Auditing the Quality of COVID-19 Conspiracy-related Information and misinformation in Google Search results in Four Languages. Internet Research, Emerald Publishing Limited.

Denisova, D., Dvorzhitskaia, D. (2019). The landscape of international science communication in 2017—2018. In: Formula of scientific PR 4.0: Best practice in the field of science communication.  ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg.