Daniela Mahl

Daniela Mahl, MA

Assistentin / Research and Teaching Assistant

Phone: +44 635 20 37

Room number: AND 3.26


Curriculum Vitae

since 10/2020

Research assistant at the Department of Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich


Research project “Science-related conspiracy theories online: Mapping their characteristics, prevalence and distribution internationally and developing contextualized counter-strategies”, funded by SNF

2019 – 2020

Research and teaching assistant, Institute for Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany


Research associate in the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence “Climate, Climatic Change, and Society“, University of Hamburg, Germany

2016 – 2019

M.A. in “Communication Science and Linguistics”, University of Zurich, Switzerland

2013 – 2016

B.A. in “Communication Science and Linguistics”, LMU Munich, Germany

Research interests

  • Science-related conspiracy theories
  • Polarized public debates and disrupted public spheres
  • Science communication, esp. climate change and environment, technologies
  • Computational methods, esp. automated content analysis/text mining

Publications & Presentations

I. Articles in scientific journals (*with and without peer-review)

  • Guenther, L., Mahl, D., De Silva-Schmidt, F., & Brüggemann, M. (2020). Klimawandel und Klimapolitik: Vom Nischenthema auf die öffentliche Agenda. Media Perspektiven, 5/2020, 287-296.
  • Mahl, D., & Jarren, O. (2020). Öffentlichkeit. Serie Grundbegriffe der Kommunikations- und Medienethik. Communicatio Socialis (accepted).
  • *Mahl, D., Guenther, L., Schäfer, M. S., Meyer, C., & Siegen, D. (2020). “We are a bit blind about it”: A qualitative analysis of climate change-related perceptions and communication across South African communities. Environmental Communication (online before print).
  • *Keller, T., Hase, V., Jagadish, T., Mahl, D., & Schäfer, M. S. (2020). News media coverage of climate change in India 1997-2016: Using automated content analysis to assess themes and topics. Environmental Communication, 14(2), 219-235. doi:10.1080/17524032.2019.1643383

II. Articles in edited books (*with and without peer-review)

  • *Mahl, D., & Guenther, L. (2020). Environmental & climate change coverage – print, TV, online. In F. Oehmer, S. H. Kessler, E. Humprecht, K. Sommer, & L. Castro Herrero (Eds.), Handbook of standardized content analysis: Applied designs to research fields of communication science. Wiesbaden: Springer (accepted).
  • *Karidi, M., Meyen, M., & Mahl, D. (2018). Scandals in the Era of Commercial Media Logic. In A. Haller, H. Michael, & M. Kraus (Eds.), Scandology: An Interdisciplinary Field (pp. 115-134). Köln: Herbert von Halem Verlag.

III. Presentations

  • Mahl, D., Hase, V., Schäfer, M.S., & Keller, T. (2020). A “societal turn” in climate change coverage? How the media portray climate change as a threat affecting all parts of society. Paper presented at the 18th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2020, 16.-17. November, Zurich.
  • Hase, V., Mahl, D., Schäfer, M. S., & Keller, T. (2020). Erweitert, nicht ersetzt: Wie Verfahren der automatisierten Inhaltsanalyse manuelle Inhaltsanalysen unterstützen und erweitern können. Annual Conference of the Journalism Studies Division of the DGPuK, Hamburg (Germany), 24-25 September 2020.
  • Guenther, L., Joubert, M., Dudek, J., Mahl, D., & Costas, R. (2020). Comparing journalistic and social media uptake of articles published by The Conversation Africa. 16th International Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Conference, Aberdeen (Scotland, UK), May 2020.
  • Guenther, L., Mahl, D., Brüggemann, M., & De Silva-Schmidt, F. (2020). Die Rolle der Mediennutzung bei der Erklärung aktuellen und intentionalen klimafreundlichen Verhaltens: Ein Test zweier sich ergänzender Analyseverfahren. 65. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (DGPuK), Munich (Germany), 10-12 March 2020.
  • Keller, T. R., Schäfer, M. S., Mahl, D., & Klinger, U. (2019). Social bots in science communication: Bot prevalence and activity about ten science-related issues on Twitter. International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, Washington D.C. (USA), 24-28 May 2019.
  • Karidi, M., Mahl, D., & Meyen, M. (2016). Scandals as a Core Element of Commercial Media Logic: A Content Analysis on Changes in German Journalism (1984-2014). 1st International Conference in Scandalogy, Bamberg (Germany), 7-8 April 2016.


  • Semester Award by the Department of Communication and Media Research (IKMZ), University of Zurich, for outstanding academic achievement in master’s research

Teaching experience (University of Hamburg)

  • "German media system" (seminar, undergraduate level, one semester, University of Hamburg)​
  • "Disrupted public spheres: Polarized debates in times of mis- and disinformation" (seminar, undergraduate level, one semester, University of Hamburg)​