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Department of Communication and Media Research

Ulrich Saxer Foundation

for the promotion of media and communication sciences among young people

Foundation Board

The Foundation was established in 2000 by former journalism professor Ulrich Saxer (1931-2012). The board members are Prof. Dr. Manuel Puppis (University of Fribourg) as president, Prof. Dr. Philomen Schönhagen (University of Fribourg) as vice president, Porf. Dr. Gabriele Siegert (University of Zurich), Prof. em. Otfried Jarren (University of Zurich), Dr. Hugo Bütler (former editor-in-chief of Neue Zürcher Zeitung), Edgar Schuler (head of the Zurich and region department of Tages-Anzeiger) and Prof. Dr. Urs Saxer (University of Zurich).
Portrait Ulrich Saxer



The aim of the Foundation is to promote early-career scholars in communication science. The support is primarily aimed at researchers in Switzerland who wish to pursue an academic career (post-docs, advanced doctoral students). The Foundation acts in a subsidiary capacity to existing funding programs and does not make direct payments to individuals.

Portrait Ulrich Saxer Foundation (PDF, 49 KB)


Dr. Dominique Wirz (DCM, University of Fribourg) is responsible for the foundation administration and conference organization and can be reached at


The list of all events organized by the Foundation since 2001 can be found on the German website.