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Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung

Findings Report: The Role of News Recommender Systems in Digital Democracies

What role do algorithmic news recommender systems play for media companies in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and how do users perceive these systems in international comparison? The NRP77 project, funded by the SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation and developed in collaboration between Prof. Dr. Frank Esser, Prof. Dr. Sina Blassnig, and Eliza Mitova from IKMZ, Prof. Dr. Claes de Vreese and Ass. Prof. Edina Strikovic from the University of Amsterdam, and Prof. Dr. Aniko Hannak and Dr. Aleksandra Urman from the UZH Department of Informatics (Ifi), addresses these questions.

As the project's final phase commences, the key findings of the first two work packages are presented in this summary report (PDF, 181 KB). A German version of the report is available here (PDF, 197 KB).