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Ambizione Project

Media Use and Well-Being of Older Adults (MUAWO): Media Use as a Resource in the Process of Healthy Aging

The Ambizione project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Principal investigator is Dr. Matthias Hofer. He is a Senior Research and Teaching Associate at the Department of Communication and Media Research and at the University Research Priority Program (URPP) “Dynamics of Healthy Aging” of the University of Zurich.

This research project focus on the role of media use in older adults’ daily lives and the dynamic relationship between their media use and their well-being. To examine these dynamics, the study makes use of an intensive longitudinal study – a so-called measurement burst study (MBS) over two years to track media use and well-being of 100 healthy older adults. Overall, the MBS project has the following research goals: (1) Examination of the interplay of older adults’ daily media use and their (social, subjective, and psychological) well-being. (2) The application of a longitudinal research design that combines (a) longitudinal assessments over relatively long periods (three measurement occasions every five/six months over two years) to map long-term change in media use, well-being and the relationship of the two, and (b) intensive daily assessments of older adults’ well-being (three times a day) and continuous  registration of their media use (TV, radio, newspaper, Internet) over one week at the three measurement occasions mentioned above. Such intensive measurements allow for the examination of both between- and within-person developments of media use and well-being and the relationships between the two in the daily life of older adults.

Cooperation partners: Mediapulse AGSRF

Here you can find further information about the project.

Website «Dynamics of Healthy Aging»

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