Individual Doctorate

The individual doctorate is worth 12 ECTS points. These include the Communication Science subject area (8 ECTS points) and transferable skills (4 ECTS points). The transferable skills courses consist of range of options, including language courses.

Send a brief concept of your planned dissertation by email to the professor responsible for the corresponding subject area.

Booking information regarding the subject-specific and transferable skills courses

Courses offered to doctoral students

Index of language courses

IKMZ holds events, such as colloquia, in regard to the courses involving subject-specific skills. You are responsible for booking such events.

You can book the choice of courses belonging to the «Transferable Skills» that are open to doctoral students at the University of Zurich yourself.

Doctoral students according to PVO 2009

valid for enrolment up to and including FS19 without transition to the new regulations PromVO 2019

Obtain a «confirmation of participation» for publications, summer schools, conference contributions, etc. Complete the «ECTS-Anrechnung» form, have it signed by the professor supervising your work and then forward it to the study program coordinator.