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Department of Communication and Media Research Political Communication


In our research projects, we are dealing with the contents of political communication, its use and dissemination, as well as its effects. In doing so, we focus on the following three research areas: 

1. Political opinion formation in modern media environments 

  • Which information sources and viewpoints do citizens encounter in their everyday lives? 
  • How do individual information and opinion environments influence citizens’ political attitudes and actions? 
  • What role do polls play in political communication and what effects do they have? 

2. Persuasive effects of political communication 

  • How can political attitudes be changed through political communication?  
  • How does political content influence our perception of public opinion?  
  • How does political content trigger emotions and what consequences do these emotions have for our political actions? 
  • How does online misinformation influence our political attitudes? 

3. Media diversity and political viewpoint diversity 

  • How can media and viewpoint diversity be defined and measured?  
  • Which factors influence the extent of media and viewpoint diversity?