Release: Media Quality Rating Switzerland (MQR-18)

MQR report title page
The study analyzes and rates the media quality of 50 media outlets

The second edition of the media quality rating Switzerland (MQR-18) has been published. The following authors have contributed to the report: Diana Ingenhoff (University of Fribourg), Mark Eisenegger, Lucie Hauser, Jörg Schneider (fög – Forschungsbereich Öffentlichkeit und Gesellschaft), and, from our division, Philipp Bachmann (University of Zurich).

The MQR-18 analyzes the quality of the 50 media outlets from the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. It compares the quality of scholars assessments and recipients’ perceptions of news media quality. The sample consists of 50 media titles, including printed and online newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and broadcast programs.

The report is available online in German and French:


Philipp Bachmann