Corinne Schweizer

Corinne Schweizer, Dr.

Oberassistentin / Senior Research and Teaching Associate

Phone: +41 44 635 20 77

Room number: AND 3.86




Since 2019 Senior Research & Teaching Associate at IKMZ, Media & Internet Governance Division (Prof. Dr. Natascha Just).


Senior Research & Teaching Associate at IKMZ, Media & Politics Division (Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren).


LSE Fellow at Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science.


Research & Teaching Associate at IPMZ, Media & Politics Division (Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren).

Doctoral Student in Communication Science at UZH. Dissertation: Public service media as commons


Mentoring Programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation for promising female junior scholars, mentorship by Prof. Natalie Fenton, Department of Media, Communications & Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths.


Licentiate student (combined BA & MA) in Communication Science, Business Administration and International Relations at UZH. Dissertation: Regulation of Digital TV-distribution.

Student Research and Teaching Assistant at IPMZ (several divisions, 2007-2008).

Exchange Student at University of Lausanne (fall 2008) and University of Hamburg (spring 2006).


2003-2010 Reporter at Neue Luzerner Zeitung.
2005-2006 Intern at Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Agricultural Information Service.


My research combines questions of media and communication policy, regulation, governance, and management, as well as the politics and mediated discourses surrounding it. Recently, I have been focussing on public service media and the commons theory and the perspective of feminism and gender.

Own Research Projects


Representation of women and men in Swiss media (2020-2021) - with S. Fürst, S. Kessler, E. Humprecht in collaboration with M. Eisenegger and D. Süss. Funding: coding funded by the IKMZ.

Public Service Media as Media Commons? (2012-2019) - Doctoral Dissertation project. Funding: 'Open Access to Publications' grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Chinese Media Policy (2017) - with Zhongwei Li. Funding: translation of texts funded by the Department of Media & Communication of the LSE.

Press Discourse on Public Service Media (2012-2014) - with Leen d’Haenens and Caroline Bijnens.

Regulation of digital TV-distribution in RTVG-revision (2009-2010) - Licentiate Dissertation project.


Research Assistant


Press Discourse on Migration Policy at the Balkan Route (2015-2016) - with Lilie Chouliaraki Myria Georgiou Rafal Zaborowki (unpaid).

International Comparison of Public Service Media (2015) - with Manuel Puppis Commissioned by the Federal Office of Communications.

Swiss Media Landscape (2014) - with Samuel Studer, Manuel Puppis and Matthias Künzler. Commissioned by the Federal Office of Communications.

Regulation Monitoring on Licensing, Public Service Media Funding, and Media Subsidies (2013-2014) - with Matthias Künzler Manuel Puppis and Samuel Studer. Commissioned by the Federal Office of Communications.

Foreign News in Swiss Television (2008) - with Thomas Hanitzsch Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Political Communication Cultures in Western Europe (2007-2008) - with Otfried Jarren Patrick Donges and Stepanie Schwab. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


In 2019, I was shortlisted for the UZH Teaching Prize based on student feedback of my lecture Introduction into Media Policy. My didactic skills originate from many years as a gymnastics coach and judge and have been refined through further education in university teaching.

Teaching Awards & Certificates


Nominee for the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching 2019 of UZH.

Winner of the class teacher award 2017 of the Department of Media and Communications at LSE Student-Led Teaching Excellence Awards of the LSE Students' Union.

Receipient of the UZH Teaching Skills Certificate of the Center for Contiuning Education in 2014.

Certified Coach and Judge in Women Artistic Gymnastics in Switzerland, 1998-2004.


Courses in Media & Communications Policy


Current Issues of Media and Communication Policy/of Media and Internet Governance. Seminar/Reserach Seminar (BA/MA 14x90min) held at UZH in fall 2019, fall 2020, spring 2021 (with Prof. Dr. Natascha Just), fall 2021.

Copyright and practices of digital media use. Seminar (BA, 14x90min) held at UZH in spring 2020 (with Danya He). Lecture scheduled for spring 2022 at UZH (MA, 14x90min).

Whats' next for Radio- and TV-regulation? Seminar (BA/MA, 14x90min) held at UZH in 2018, 2019.

Introduction into Media Policy. Lecture (BA, 14x90min) held at UZH in 2011 (with Manuel Puppis), 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018.

Policy Analysis. Workshop (MSc/PhD, 240min) held at LSE in 2016, 2017.

Contemporary Media Policy Issues. Lectures with seminars (MSc, 4x150min) on Public Service Media, Telecommunication, Access to Infrastructure, Content Regulation, held at LSE in 2015-2017.

Public Service Media in the digital Age. Research seminar (BA, 28x90min) held at UZH in 2012/2013.


Courses in Theories and Methods of Social Science


Theories & Concepts I and II. Seminars (MSc, 11x90min and 11x50min) held at LSE in 2016, 2017.

Introduction into Communication Science III – Theories & Concepts. Seminars (BA, 13x90min) held at UZH in 2012, 2013.

Survey & Questionnaire Design. Workshops (MSc, 2x90min) held at LSE in 2016, 2017.

Content Analysis. Seminar (BA, 14x90min), held at UZH in 2007.


Assessment and Supervision


Academic Advisor and Supervisor for 5 MA- and 22 BA-Dissertations at UZH, 30 MSc Dissertations at LSE. Supervisor for students hired in research projects.

Assessor in Final Oral Exams for Licentiate Degrees of various subjects at Philosophical Faculty of UZH.



Exchange within academia is important, as is exchange with practicioners, policy-makers and the civil society. I had many opportunities to present my research at national and international events and to moderate some interesting panels.

Invited Talks at Universities


Public Service Media: Are they Media Commons? IKMZ Reserach Colloquium, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 24.02.2020.

Public service media as commons? A comparative analysis. Talk at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 18.6.2018.

Surviving the "networked" Post-Network-Era. A Comparison of Western Public Service Media. IKMZ Research Colloquium, University of Zurich, 18.12.2017.

Public Service Media Organisations as Commons? Findings of a Comparative Research Project. Communication Culture & Media Research Seminar of the University of Salford, 3.5.2017.

Der Pressediskurs über die Zukunft des öffentlichen Rundfunks – ein ländervergleichendes Forschungsprojekt. Research Seminar, Institute of Computational Linguistics, UZH, 03.03.2015

Public Service Media as Commons – theoretical considerations and empirical outlook. Research Seminar, School of Media and Communications, University of Leeds, 26.11.2014.

Public Service Media as Commons – theoretical considerations and empirical outlook. CaMARG Research Seminar, University of Loughborough, 16.10.2014.


Invited Talks beyond Academia


Visions of a Coherent EU Information and Media Order. Federal Government Commissioner for Cultre and the Media and Leibnitz Institute for Media Research (Digital conference series "Diversity and Responsibility. Media in the Digital Society" on the occasion of the German EU Council Presidency), online, 8.9.2020.

Governance von Schulsponsoring im digitalen Zeitalter. Diskussion am Beispiel der Volksschule in der Deutschschweiz. Dachverband Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Schweiz (LCH), Zürich, 3.7.2020 (with M. Njagojevic).

Service Public Medien in Westeuropa und Übersee. Swiss parliamentarian group “journalism and democracy” preparing for a plenary session on Public Service Media, Berne, 6.3.2017.

Public Service Media in Western Europe and Overseas. Findings of a Research Project for the Federal Office of Communications. LSE Media Policy Project, Internal Event on Public Service Media at London School of Economics and Political Science, 13.11.2015.

Public Service – ein internationaler Vergleich. Federal Office of Communications, Biel, 15.09.2015.

Medienförderung im Vergleich: Ergebnisse des Regulierungsmonitoring 2012/2013. Federal Media Commission, Berne, 20.09.2013 (with M. Puppis).

Regulierungsmonitoring 2012/2013. Federal Office of Communications, Biel, 27.08.2013 (with M. Puppis, M. Künzler, S. Studer). 

Regulierungsreformen in Australien und Neuseeland. Internal Workshop on PSM Online for the Federal Office of Communications at University of Zurich, 18.1.2012.


Peer-reviewed Conference Talks in 2020/2021


Public Service Medias (missing) contribution to gender equality: The case of Switzerland. Paper accepted for the Bi-Annual Ripe Conference, 27.-28.09.2021, Geneva/Switzerland [online].

Fighting for a better representation of women* in the media. The case of feminist media policy activism in Switzerland. Paper presented at the Bi-Annauel ECREA conference, 06.-09.09.2021, Braga/Portugal [online].

Die Ansprache junger Menschen als medienpolitisches Thema in der Schweiz: Wandel und Kontinuität in den letzten 20 Jahren. Paper presented at the Dreiländertagung DACH21, 7.-9. April 2021, Zürich/Switzerland [online].

Gender und Feminismus in der Medienpolitik- und Aktivismusforschung. Part of the Panel 'Der Kampf für die Frauen* in Medien und Öffentlichkeit: Erkenntnisse der Forschung und des medienpolitischen Aktivismus (organised by Corinne Schweizer and Silke Fürst). Annual SACM Conference, Winterthur, 20.11.2020 [online].

Media policy activism for Public Service Media? The Case of Switzerland. Paper presented at the Annual IAMCR conference, 12.-16.07.2020, Tampere/Finnland [online].




Chair of the Panel Multiple Streams: platformisation, citizens and public interest at the Bi-Annual ECREA Conference, Communication Law and Policy Section, Braga, 6.9.-9.9.2021 [online].

Moderator of the Panel Jugendschutz im digitalen Zeitalter at the annual SACM conference 2020, Media Policy, Structures and History section, Winterthur, 20.11.2020 [online].

Moderation of 1-Day-Workshops for the Ulrich Saxer Foundation on Media Labs (23.10.2020), Media Representation of Women and Migrants (15.10.2018), Trust in Media and Politics (9.9.2017), Media Freedom (28.10.2016) and Social Media (7.9.2015) with invited speakers.

Chair of the Panel PSM, Digital Transformation and Innovation at the annual IAMCR conference 2019, Public Service Media Policies Section, Madrid, 7.-11.7.2019.

Moderation of the Panel From Broadcasting to Media Law: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Europe at the annual SGKM conference 2019, St. Gallen, 4.-5.4.2019.

Chair and Discussant of the Panel “Media governance II” at the Annual IAMCR Conference, Communication Policy & Technology Section and the Global Media Policy Working Group, Oregon, 20.-24.6.2018.

Chair of the Panel Media, Football (soccer) and Beyond at the Annual IAMCR Conference, Media & Sports Section, Oregon, 20.-24.6.2018.

Chair of the Panel Public Service Media vs. State Media and the EU’s media laws. Workshop on the Future of Public Service Media in Europe, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2.12.2016.





Reviewer for the National Competition of Swiss Youth and Research


Co-Organizer of a Diversity-Training for all staff members of the IKMZ (funding from the IKMZ).


Representative of Communication Science in University of Zurichs Academic Commission for Gender Studies


Administrator & Workshop Organiser of the Ulrich Saxer Foundation for the Promotion of Media and Communication Sciences among Young Researchers in Switzerland.


Co-Chair of the Media Structures, Politics, and History Section of the Swiss Association of Communication Science and Media Research.


Member of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2014 Annual Conference of the Swiss Association of Communication Science and Media Research in Zurich.

2013-2015 Executive Board Member of Graduate Campus, University of Zurich’s platform for the support of young researchers, course offerings, quality development, public dialogue.
2011-2015 Executive Board Member of IPMZ Alumni, the Alumni Association of the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research of University of Zurich.