The media available at the IKMZ library consist of 23,000 specialist books, reference works and dictionaries, and around 55 current journals. The university network also provides access to various electronic resources. The IKMZ library’s holdings are organized using shelf marks. The shelf mark of the item you are looking for can be found by searching in the catalog.

Classification system (PDF, 46 KB)

Textbook collection

This contains the fundamental literature for the study of mass and communication studies and consists of around 220 titles, arranged by their call numbers. This includes introductory texts and textbooks. The books are listed in the research portal under the location Lehrbuchsammlung (Textbook collection).

Password-protected databases

The library has a number of password-protected databases. If you click on the online access in the catalog, you will see the message that you can only access these databases within the IMKZ Library. Please contact the library staff in order to do so.


The IKMZ library carries countless scientific periodicals from the study areas of mass communication and the media as well as a diverse range of trade publications. Various titles are also accessible online.

Daily and weekly newspapers

A selection of current Swiss daily and weekly newspapers is available in the library. These are not archived though.


In addition to the usual stock, the IKMZ library also has three special collections:

Wettstein-Weber-Kluge estate

A collection from the Wettstein/Weber/Kluge estates consists of books, newspaper clippings, special editions, reports, written records, invitations, manuscripts and, to a small extent, personal correspondence of the founder of the University of Zurich’s journalistic seminar, Oscar Wettstein (1866-1952), his successor Karl Weber (1880-1961) and the long-term assistant at the seminar Ernfried Eduard Kluge (1892-1962). There is also a small collection of records and newspaper clippings from the journalist and author Ludwig Salomon (1844-1911). 

The books and brochures are listed in the research portal. These titles have the call numbers R, RD, RG and RZ. The other documents, totaling around 7,000 in number, have been digitalized and can be accessed via a database. This database can only be viewed locally within the library.

The main aspects of the collection from the Wettstein-Weber-Kluge estate (PDF, 55 KB)

Klartext archive

This collection is the editorial archive of the media magazine Klartext. The archive comprises roughly 150 biographical dossiers and several thousand newspaper clippings in topic dossiers. Additional materials such as media announcements are also found here. The period of circa 1984 to 1998 is primarily covered.
Location: Archive
The stock is not listed in the research portal. The individual dossiers are internally accessed by means of an Excel table using keywords.

Newspaper clippings collection

A folder collection of important articles on current media issues which appeared in the Swiss press from 1974 onwards.
The articles are arranged by topic area and by publication date. In stock: 1974-1997; the clippings for 1989-1991 are missing.
Location: Archive
The stock is not bibliographically recorded in either the research portal or elsewhere.