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Project co-led by IKMZ’s Niels Mede has been highly commended at MRS Awards 2023

The global survey project “Trust in Science and Science-Related Populism” (TISP), whose co-PI is IKMZ researcher Niels G. Mede, won the prestigious award “Best Data Collection: Quantitative” at the 10th annual MRS Operations Awards. The award – granted by the MRS, the world’s leading association for market research and analysis – recognizes large-scale public opinion research solutions, such as those offered by Bilendi & Respondi, the survey company involved in the TISP project.
The TISP project investigates public opinion about science across the globe and is set up as a Many Labs study, involving more than 225 collaborators from over 85 different research groups in 67 countries worldwide. Niels Mede and main PI Victoria Cologna (Harvard University) partnered with the market research company Bilendi & Respondi to collect data in most of these countries.
More information on the TISP project: