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Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung

Kolumne Prof. Dr. Elad Segev: My experience at IPMZ


My experience at IPMZ
I was lucky to spend the fall semester of 2016 at IPMZ as a guest professor. It was one of the nicest and fruitful research visits I ever had. First of all, this is thanks to the amazing stuff, faculty members, doctoral students, and administration. From the very beginning I was invited to many division colloquia either as a guest or as a speaker. The considerably wide variety of research interests allowed me to feel relevant to many. Some of this stimulating dialogues are already being developed to exiting cooperative research projects.

Teaching was also a great fun for me. I was lucky to meet some bright students. In the larger bachelor course on Information and Power students often raised interesting questions and engaged in attentive discussions. Similarly, the master seminar was a great forum for the development of original Network Analysis projects.

Competing with or complementing the excellent working environment, the lively social atmosphere was exceptional. Weekly lunch breaks, football matches, and dinners made me feel much closer and involved.

This period was indeed short, like all good things in life. But I really hope that it was only the beginning of a long period of work and fun, which, as I learned at IPMZ, better come together!

Endless thanks to all of you,

Elad Segev
Department of Communication
Tel Aviv University